1. Message from designer
In the 21st century, imagination and creativity will be more important.
All human knowledge will become the tool for people by artificial intelligence.
In the history of the universe 13.7 billion years, your life is only 100 years.
To shining your all life, you need to open your imagination and creative mind, then, you can create next history.
 We aim our candle collections is not only it just to burn,
but also it gives you experience growing your imagination and creativity.“HOQSEI” means the Polaris.
“MUSEUM” means to connect you and the universe as if you were at MUSEUM.We hope that your life will shine more by experiencing the candle collection.

Dr. Masami Murata

2.Message from the candle

   The flame of the candle exists only when it is changing by a chemical reaction.

Our lives also exist only when they are changing from birth to death.

If you light the flame of a candle, you will give birth to a candle.

   The life with limited is shining like our life.

This thing reminds you life is changing and limited.

We are in universe.

And we are expressing the existence of things that change in the universe with candle design.



These candle collection’s concept is ” Gift from the Universe”.

It helps in improving mood, becoming more sensitive toward the Universe,

and as guide for your imagination to grow.

You can gift it to anybody in the universe. 


It have designed by has amalgamation of Neuroscience, Astronomy,

Cognitive science, History and Culture in human knowledge.


Guide to Imagination

All collections have original guides created by Dr. Murata to help link the universe with you.


Simple Design

Almost all candles are shaped as circular and block, and no scent. 

This Shape is most common in the Universe and stable to help concentrating on your imagination.



All these candle are handmade, HOQSEI original, and only one in the Universe.

So, love and care is enriched.


Box and Ribbon

All collections are in black boxes imagining the Universe and are hand made with red color ribbon

on the boxes as “Gift from the Universe”


4.Concept of Collections

Now, we have 4 different concept candles about the Universe.
It has Planets, Constellation, Light and Snow.




Planets collection

 This collection focuses ” Solar system Planets in Universe”.

This collection brings you closer to the sun, the planet.

The candle is designed considering the planet’s shadow, the planet’s gas, and the image of the planet.

You can design the story of the sun, the planets.



・Constellation collection

This collection focuses ” Constellation “.

Zodiac constellation connects to the Universe and me.  

Do you know where your zodiac constellation is in the universe in your birth month?

Your imagination creates a new constellation.



・Light collection

This collection focuses “Light “.

Natural light, indirect light, strong light, ・・・

In this collection, we design nine types of candle to thin
k about various light designs, how to feel the light.



・Snow collection

This collection focuses “Snow “.

Water exists in the limited place of the universe.

There is also water on the earth.

When water drops satisfy certain conditions, white snow occurs.

White snow moves our emotions.

In this collection you will increase your imagination from beautiful snow.







Born in Muroran, Hokkaido, Japan.


Murata has studied painting from his grandmother, a painter, and has been painting the natural scenery

of his hometown Muroran in Hokkaido.


Besides science, he is also an expert in the fields of history, literature, painting and cognitive science.


With the concept of “CANDLE COMMUNICATION”, he aims to make an illuminating communication between man and space. He also lectures on the subject of creative imagination with the view from outer space.


He was graduated Tokyo University of Science, Faculty of Science Department of Physics & Space Physic Laboratory,

and The University of Electro-Communications, Graduate School of Information systems, Master and Doctor’s Program.

He graduated from the graduate school as the top student.


He was awarded the IEICE Young Engineer Award

and worked as a fellow researcher of Faculty of Tele-communications Laboratory.

He is a member of Japan Cognitive Science Society.